What is Art 103: Safety and Shop Practices, and do I have to take it?

Art classes require a wide array of tools, equipment, and supplies. Some equipment is potentially dangerous. In order for you to enroll in a sculpture course at any level, or if you wish to have access to the wood shop or use power and hand tools dispensed from the tool crib, you must take ArtS 103: Safety and Shop Practices (1 unit, Cr/NC) which usually is taught by our technicians and is offered on the first two weekends of each semester.

This course will familiarize you with the working procedures, hazards, and safety practices in the various studio areas. University insurance and liability requires our studio majors complete this course concurrently at the time they enroll in any studio class which utilizes hazardous equipment or materials. You will find the course interesting and that it provides you with an introduction to many of the areas in which you will be working.