What if I need help with my classes or more time in the studio?

Several options are available for help outside the classroom. For studio majors you will want to sign up for ArtS 199 (lower division) or ArtS 399 (upper division) weekend studio courses. These will provide you with access to the facilities on the weekends. Advanced studio students are available to open rooms and oversee activity within the building. If you are an advanced student you may want to sign up to keep the building open. Units through our ArtS 300/301: Student Assistantships are available on a CR/NC basis.

If you are having trouble in your art history survey courses you should enroll in the ArtH 199 section (1 unit CR/NC) of your ArtH 210 or ArtH 211 class. An advanced art history major will conduct a review and answer your questions on a weeky basis. Some modern art history classes have study sections available under ArtH 399 (1 unit Cr/NC). These are also taught by advanced students in the department. Generally, students who enroll in these sections improve their grades dramatically.

The Tutorial Program is located in the Learning Center, Salazar Hall 1040, phone (707) 664-2429. The Tutorial program provides free tutoring for a large variety of SSU courses. These services are available to all registered students during the daytime and some evening hours. We have had art history tutors available in the past. Check with the Learning Center. Drop-in Tutoring is also available for some of the science, math and writing courses through Salazar Hall 1040, the Residence Halls and the Schulz Library. Check the Learning Center for more specific information. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, check with the Tutorial Program (664-2429) for more information. These are paid jobs.