How often do I need to be advised?

You should see your advisor at least once each semester. It is helpful to schedule an appointment before registration to ensure that you select courses appropriate to your academic pattern. You should meet with more than once a semester if you are a Freshman or second semester Junior. However, you can meet with any faculty member or your advisor during his/her regular office hours which should be posted on the office door and available in the Department Office. You should arrange your appointment ahead of time and should allow at least 20 minutes. Many faculty members can also be contacted by phone and through their email addresses on campus. Do not bother a faculty member at home unless you have been given specific permission to do so by that faculty member or the Administrative Coordinator. 

Before you see your advisor make sure that you have reviewed your courses and know where you stand within the major. Faculty other than your regular advisor are also available to help you with decisions and information regarding career directions or other options within the field. You should make a point of getting to know two or three faculty members during your study at SSU to ensure that you get a variety of points of view and have resources for letters of recommendation and employment references.