Procedure for challenging an art course

You should enroll in the course you are attempting to challenge and make sure to meet the deadline for dropping off slides or a portfolio to challenge that course. One day early in each semester (before the add/drop deadline) is set aside for studio course challenges. The date will be posted throughout the department. You will present a portfolio or slides of your work to several of the studio faculty, including someone from the area in which you have done your work. They will determine whether or not you have acquired the skills and knowledge included in the course you are challenging. If you are successful, you will receive credit for the course on your transcript and you should drop the course to allow space in the class for someone else. (The department will accept a "CR" grade for challenged courses only so you do not have to stay enrolled in the course in order to get a grade.) If you do not pass the challenge, you may continue as a regular student enrolled in the class.

Art History students should consult the teachers responsible for the courses they wish to challenge. After consulting with you to determine if you have adequate background and experience, those instructors will arrange for you to take an examination in order to receive credit.

Department policy stipulates that you may challenge two lower division and one upper division class in the major. Please check with the Department Office for forms and information regarding challenge procedures.