What will my advisor do?

You should review your records and be familiar with the courses you have already taken before you make your appointment. In addition to our departmental records, you should also keep all grade records, transcripts, and copies of petitions in your own personal folder. If you have unusual courses from another institution, you should keep a course description from that institution in your personal records and provide us with a copy for your advising folder. (Copies of school catalogues are on file in the library if you do not have one.)

Your advisor will review your record of courses and will note your progress toward General Education and toward the major on an advising worksheet which is kept in your folder. You will be given a carbon copy of this worksheet for your own records and should bring it to each advising session so that it can be updated. Your advisor will determine which of your courses meets our requirements based on an "Articulation Agreement Summary." If no articulation agreement exists with your prior college or university, you will need to provide a catalogue description of the course, a course syllabus, or some other official description of the work you have done. A written record of your advisor's decisions will be made on your worksheet.