Career Minor in Museum and Gallery Methods

Michael Schwager, Program Advisor
Director - Art Gallery
Art Building 101 or 106, (707) 664-2295/2720

The minor in Museum and Gallery Methods provides students with education, training, and hands-on experience in the theory and practice of nonprofit museums and galleries. Art History and Art Studio majors—along with other majors such as Anthropology and History—completing this minor will be in stronger positions to find jobs and prepare for graduate work in Museum Studies. The Museum and Gallery Methods minor may be combined with any other major. 

Internships are an essential part of preparation for working in the museum and gallery fields.  Three units of an internship are required for the minor and can be arranged with the SSU Art Gallery as well as at local and regional galleries, museums, and other related nonprofit organizations.

Requirements for the Career Minor in Museum and Gallery Methods

To earn the career minor in Museum and Gallery Methods, students must complete the following 21 units:

  • ARTS 210 Introduction to Digital Imaging 2
  • ARTH 466 Contemporary Art 3
  • ARTH 467 Museum Collections Management 3
  • ARTH 468 Curatorial Practice 3
  • ARTH 493 Museum and Gallery Management 3
  • ARTH 494 Museum Theory and Practice 3
  • ARTH 499 Internship 4

Total units in the minor 21

Students in the arts management career minor must also complete at least a minor in either art history or art studio.