Media Arts

The Media Arts emphasis exposes students to concepts and techniques of contemporary extended photographic practice, including video, installation and experimental art techniques as well as cross- disciplinary possibilities and contextual issues in the presentation of art works. 

Every idea has a medium most suited to its execution, but often not the one in which the artist is working. This program considers new ways of translating ideas into other media to develop a sense of possibilities beyond the straight photograph. Conceptual art has given us an understanding of the triggers that might provoke an investigation of layers of meaning within the simplest of ideas. Assignments encourage students to think beyond the usual way they work and include the use of collaboration, installation, live feed, the Internet, sound recording, still and moving digital image production as well as performance and performative uses of photography. Course content will include viewing work from a range of disciplines and will be delivered through demonstrations, field trips, slide lectures, workshops, discussion, readings, critiques, individual consultations and lab participation.