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B.A. in Art Studio

Many of the courses required for the degree have prerequisites. Please consult course descriptions for details.

Art Studio Course Descriptions 

B.A. in Studio Concentration
Type of CourseUnits
General education48
Major core requirements51-53
General electives19-21
Total units needed for graduation120


Requirements for the Major

The art major with studio concentration is comprised of a group of core courses representing minimum requirements for all areas of emphasis, plus course offerings in studio and associated areas that allow for the development of an emphasis in one or more of the following:  2D, 3D, or Photo/Media. Six units must be at the advanced (400) level.

Major Core Requirements

Studio Foundations
ARTS 101 2D Foundations3
ARTS 102 3D Foundations    3

Choose two from the list below:

  • ARTS 105 Media Art Fundamentals      
    (Students in Photography emphasis are required to take ARTS 105)
  • ARTS 202 Beginning Drawing     
  • ARTS 204 Beginning Life Drawing     


Total Studio Foundations Units 12

Art History Foundations
Any two of the four foundation courses: ARTH 210 Introduction to Art History (GE C1), ARTH 211 Introduction to Art History (GE C1), ARTH 270 A Survey of Islamic Art (GE C1), ARTH 270 B Survey of Asian Art (GE C1)6
ARTH 160 A and B Introduction to Art History (A3C3)     


Total Art History Foundations Units 6-8

Breadth Requirement

Choose at least three of the following studio courses. At least one course must be taken in a 2D medium and one in 3D medium for a minimum of 9 units. One course must be a 3D course.

Lower Division Studio Breadth Requirement
ARTS 210 Intro to Digital Photo      3
ARTS 212 Intro to Analog/Darkroom3
ARTS 220 Beginning Painting     3
ARTS 229 Beginning Ceramic     3
ARTS 236 Beginning Sculpture3
ARTS 245 Beginning Printmaking    3
ARTS 298 Selected Topics    3

Total Lower Division Studio Breath Requirement Units 9

Upper Division Studio Breadth Requirements

Emphasis other than Photography must complete 2 courses of upper division studio courses listed below. Choose at least two of the following studio courses for a minimum of 6 units.

Upper Division Studio Breadth Requirement
ARTS 302 Intermediate Drawing     3
ARTS 304 Intermediate Life Drawing    3
ARTS 305 Special Topics Photo    3
ARTS 310 Intermediate Digital Photography    3
ARTS 312 Studio Light      3
ARTS 320 Intermediate Painting  3
ARTS 329 Intermediate Ceramics    3
ARTS 336 Intermediate Sculpture    3
ARTS 340 Intermediate Etching/Woodcut    3
ARTS 342 Intermediate Lithography    3
ARTS 382 Mono-print     3

Total Upper Division Studio Breadth Units 6

Upper Division Art History

Choose 2 courses from the following courses to total 6 units. Note- only one course from the Museum and Gallery Methods category, (ARTH 467, ARTH 468, ARTH 493, and ARTH 494) can be counted. 

Upper Division Art History
ARTH 420 Pre-classical Art 3-4
ARTH 422 Greek Art      3-4
ARTH 430 Medieval Art in and Around the Mediterranean       3-4
ARTH 432 Post Millennial Issues in Medieval Art 3-4
ARTH 440 Vision, Representation, Space: 15th C Renaissance Art 3-4
ARTH 442 The Self-Conscious Renaissance Art      3-4
ARTH 444 Northern Renaissance    3-4
ARTH 450 Baroque: Object to Artwork   3-4
ARTH 452 Art in the Age of Enlightenment    3-4
ARTH 454 Art and the Emergence of Modernity (GE C1)   3-4
ARTH 456 The History and Theory of Photography * 3-4
ARTH 461 Selected Topics in Film  3-4
ARTH 464 Avant-Gardes of the Early 20th Century (GE C1)     3-4
ARTH 465 Modern Art from 1945 to 1979 (GE C1)3
ARTH 467 Museum Collections Management 3
ARTH 468 Curatorial Practice3
ARTH 470 A Survey of Islamic 3
ARTH 470 B Survey of Asian Art 3-4
ARTH 474 A Topics in Islamic Art  3-4
ARTH 474 B Art of Islamic Spain  3-4
ARTH 474 C The Age of Empire: Ottomans, Safavids, and Mughals 3-4
ARTH 476 Art Beyond European Traditions: Selected Topics  3-4
ARTH 480 Selected Topics in Art History  3-4
ARTH 490 Pro seminar 3-4
ARTH 493 Museum and Gallery Management 3
ARTH 494 Museum Theory & Practice  3

 Total Upper Division Art History units  6–8

Areas of Emphasis

Students must complete 12 units of upper division coursework in their area of emphasis, as follows:

Advanced level in Area of Emphasis
ARTS 300 Level 6
ARTS 400 Level       6
Total units in major emphasis   12


Areas of emphasis are broken into 2D (Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Works on Paper) and 3D (Ceramics, sculpture) to ease the burden of excessive course substitution forms. Students will still have specific tracks within the department. 

Total Units in the Major                                          51-53   

2D Emphasis (Painting Printmaking & Works on Paper)

300 Level Courses
ARTS 302 Intermediate Drawing^  3
ARTS 304 Intermediate Life Drawing^    3
ARTS 320 Intermediate Painting^ 3
ARTS 340 Intermediate Etching and Woodcut^    3
ARTS 342 Intermediate Lithography^    3
ARTS 382 Intermediate Mono-print^     3

Choose from 6 units from these 300 Level courses. Courses may be repeated once for credit. Specific content of concentrations is detailed below.

400 Level Courses
ARTS 402 Advanced Drawing^3
ARTS 404 Advanced Life Drawing^   3
ARTS 420 Advanced Painting^  3
ARTS 440 Advanced Etching and Woodcut^     3
ARTS 442 Advanced Lithography^    3
ARTS 482 Advanced Mono-print^     3

Choose from 6 units from the 400 Level. Courses may be repeated for credit.

Total Units in the 2D Emphasis 12 

3D Emphasis (Ceramics & Sculpture)      

300 Level Courses
ARTS 329 Intermediate Ceramics^   3
ARTS 336 Intermediate Sculpture^     3

Choose from 6 units from the 300 Level courses.  Courses may be repeated once for credit.

400 Level Courses
ARTS 429 Advanced Ceramics^              3
ARTS 430 Large Scale Ceramics and Installation    3
ARTS 436 Advanced Sculpture^3
ARTS 435 Bronze Foundry^   3
ARTS 437 COMMENCE: Sculpture Projects        3

Choose from 6 units from the 400 Level courses.  Courses may be repeated once for credit.

Total Units in the 3D Emphasis      12

Photo / Media Emphasis

Required Courses
Lower Division - ARTS 210 & 212 6
ARTH 456 History/Theory of Photography         3
300 Level Courses
ARTS 305/405 Selected Topics   3
ARTS 310 Digital Photography         3

Choose from 6 units from the  300 Level courses

400 Level Courses
ARTS 457 Advanced Photography^
ARTS 458 Advanced Media Arts^        3

Choose from 6 units from the 400 Level. Courses may be repeated for credit.

Total Units in the Photo / Media Emphasis 12