Letha Ch'ien

Assistant Professor of Art History

Letha Chi’en
Letha Ch'ien


Art 105

Office Hours

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Advising Area

General Advisor

Courses Taught

  • Art History 160A/B (FLC): Art Here, There, Then, Now
  • Art History 211: Intro to Art History Global Ren-Modern 
  • Art History 300: Graded Assistant Projects
  • Art History 442: Post-Millennial Issues in Medieval Art
  • Art History 442: The Self-Conscious Italian Renaissance
  • Art History 450: Baroque:Object to Artwork
  • Art History 480: Race and European Art
  • Art History 490: Proseminar in Visual Culture

Future Endeavors

Book project tentatively titled Polytopos: Venice, Empire, Art



Phd, University of California, Berkeley, History of Art

BA, San Jose State University, Art History

Selected Publications & Presentations

Translating: the Subject(s) of Tintoretto’s Brera Scuola Grande di San Marco Istoria” in Ekphrastic Image-making in the Early Modern Europe and the Americas. Eds. Walter S. Melion, Arthur J. DiFuria, (Brill)

“Polytopos: Multi-ethnic Practice in Venetian Imagery,” in Cultures and Practices of Coexistence in the Multi-ethnic Cities of the Mediterranean World, 13th – 18th Centuries Volume I, Multi-Ethnic Cities of the Mediterranean World. Eds. Marco Folin, Antonio Musarra. (Routledge)