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Internships (ARTH/ARTS 499)

Students in the intern program will have an opportunity to gain practical skills by working in a variety of gallery and museum situations in the private and public sectors. Credit will be given for completion of 3 hours of work per week per unit, by prior arrangement with the department coordinator. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. A-F and CR/NC.

Internship Guidelines

The Internship Program is a field-based learning experience where a student is in a job setting, learning skills that integrate career goals with their coursework and major. The Internship Program is designed for students as a means to incorporate qualified and supervised work into their educational program and gain academic credit while making valuable career connections. Although internships are generally unpaid, exceptions can be made in circumstances where the student’s status as a student, rather than an employee, can be protected. 

I. General Information

  • Internship positions can be on or off campus.
  • Internship units are upper division. Each academic program determines the range in the number of units available for internship credit. While the usual range is 1-4 units, some departments grant as many as 8. 
  • Internship work activities are pre- or para-professional in a field related to a student’s academic or career goals.

II. Field Experience-Internship Requirements 

  • A minimum of 45 hours in an actual work situation per unit per semester is required. This averages out to 3-4 hours per week per unit at the internship site. 
  • Students should check with their academic department for the faculty Internship Advisor and departmental policy regarding Internships. 
  • Students are required to fill out the Internship Agreement Form and have it completed and signed by the onsite job supervisor, Internship Advisor, the Department Chair, and School Dean before registering for internship units. 
  • Students are required to complete any work and academic requirements as indicated on the Internship Agreement Form

III. Enrollment Procedures 

  • Locate an internship position by utilizing Gopher, the Internship Binders, and other resources located in the Career Development Center, by consulting your faculty advisor, or by contacting an employer and creating your own internship. 
  • Meet with the Internship Advisor in your major department and pick up the Internship Agreement Form. 
  • Take the Agreement Form to the organization, work out the contractual agreement for internship activities at the site, and obtain the supervisor’s signature. 
  • Take the signed Agreement Form to your faculty Internship Advisor with all four copies intact. Work out with the Internship Advisor the academic portion of the internship, the  basis upon which the grade will be assigned, the number of times you will meet with your advisor, and where those meetings will occur. Secure the signatures of the Internship Advisor, the Department Chair, and the School Dean. 
  • Submit the completed Agreement form with all signatures to Admissions and Records during the Add/Drop period in order to add the Internship to your schedule. 
  • Deliver a copy of the completed agreement to your on-site supervisor.